Paper Money of the United States (antiquarisch)

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A Complete illustrated Guide with valuations, with a new, simplified numbring system for small size notes
From the fist year of Paper Money, 1861, to the present

Preface to the Fith Edition
General Information on U.S. Currency
Introduction to the various issues
The Issues of United States Paper Money

Part One - Large Size Notes
I. Demand Notes
II. Legal Tender Issues (United States Notes)
III. Compound Interest Treasury Notes
IV. Interest Bearing Notes
V. Refunding Certificates
VI. Silver Certificates
VII. Treasury or Coin Notes
VIII. National Bank Notes
IX. Federal Reserve Bank Notes
X. Federal Reserve Notes
XI. The National Gold Bank Notes of California
XII. Gold Certificates

Part Two
XIII. Fractional Currency
Part Three
XIV. Small Size Notes

Part Four
XV. Encased Postage Stamps

Part Five. Supplement
XVI National Bank Notes by States
Years of Issue of Charter Numbers
List of National Banks

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